It came out amazing I’m never buying bread again #homemade ❤️. Either way thank you for this wonderful recipe. Tried this tonight and it was a hit. Lightly cover with greased plastic wrap or a light towel and let rise until puffy and doubled in size. Prep Time:  Btw your best yellow cake I’ve made probably over 500 hundred times (no exaggeration). Info. Why would you have all these comments and cant find recipe, 4 teaspoons active dry yeast (make sure it’s not expired) 1 cup warm water (110 degrees F) 1 egg (see below*) ¼ cup honey (I love using local honey) 3 tablespoons molasses (I used organic) 2 tablespoons cocoa powder (I used organic Dutch processed) 1 teaspoon kosher salt; ¼ cup brown sugar Step 2 If the dough does not form a ball on the … Did the bread turn out? I hope you love it as much as we do. Part whole wheat and part white? Mix well. Can you use dutch processed unsweetened cocoa? Hope you get to feeling better soon! I could try upping the cocoa or brushing with butter if that would darken it up more. But I guess none of this matters, because the bread is so delicious!  What worked for me was using regular sour cream not light or nonfat and then 1%milk. Which caused me to have to reform them in to new loaves on individual sheets they then rose another time. SWEET MOLASSES BREAD Black Angus Steakhouse Copycat Recipe Makes 1 Loaf 1 (1/4 oz.) I skipped the egg wash and oatmeal step. Knead for 5-7 minutes (about 10-15 if kneading by hand). Dough Rising Container Im going to try again. I made 4 batches of this recipe to take to a colonial days activity with my 4th grader. Add 2 tsp sugar and 3 tsp yeast. This is our new favorite bread recipe. Sweet Molasses Bread Recipes 340,430 Recipes. The flavor is right on though…thank you! 1/4 cup whole … So if you have a smaller one, I wouldn’t advise it. I used my bread machine to mix the dough both times I made this and I had good success. I live in Idaho with my husband, 5 kids, and selection of weird farm animals. Now, about the bread!! Congrats! or 2¼ tsp instant dry yeast (1 package) • 240 gr. . Hi, can you freeze the dough and bake later? Additional Time: I made this last week and we’ve (ok, mostly I’ve) almost finished off the second loaf already. Would you like any oats in the recipe? I made this as cupcakes - baking for 20 minutes.  Thanks so much!!!!Â. (it’s actually meant to break in order to avoid overheating and killing the motor— so you shred the cheap, (somewhat) easily replaceable gear — versus the much more complicated and $$$$ repair of the motor). It’s kind of a must. I have been wanting to make this recipe for ever! I mean, brown sugar, molasses, andhoney?! Hoping to make little rolls for a church potluck this Sunday. Cookie Sheet {Half Sheet Pans} Even though my life line (a.k.a. I make the below recipe in my two-pound machine. I may have eaten one loaf myself but luckily for my waistline the other two were popped into the freezer. Tastes just like steak house bread that is served. After seriously not being sick in forever (I can say it out loud now since I’m already miserable), I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. Unsulphured is a very common type of molasses (like the Grandma’s brand with the yellow label). © Mel 🙂, It is called a WORM GEAR – less than $7 on amazon. Recommended Products All have turned out great! I will try your version now (really!) It turned out great! The bread was way under baked. For a newbie bread maker, this recipe is perfect. All I can say is YUM! Get better soon! If I want to make  loaves of bread how do I divide the dough up and is cooking time and degree the same? I wish I’d had a camera handy when my son-in-law dropped over, picked up a slice off the bread board, and popped it in Thanks for the recipe, it’s a keeper!Â. Thanks for sharing. )…used bread flour (along with the whole wheat of course) and no gluten. how to make sweet molasses pound cake: This is a simple recipe, with not a ton of ingredients, but making it can seem like it has a lot of steps. I can’t wait to try this! Is the dough supposed to be runny?  I read the reviews to see if other people’s dough was sticky and sure enough another woman wrote she did the same thing. I made the bread as written, after the first rise.  Thanks to your wonderful recipes and specific instructions, my family thinks I’m a rockstar! Can you please share a multi grain bread recipe with seeds and all.i want to stop buying it from the market and i know if there will be something to replace that its gonna be one of ur recipes. or 2 cups bread flour • 198 gr. does that change the temperature r cooking time? Thank you, I forgot to put that in the recipe. Upon preparing for the oven by scoring the tops I noticed that the middle of one wasn’t uniform so I kneaded them once more making more uniform loaves and yet another rise. I am NOT super handy, but I managed to do the repair myself— I read a LOT of how-to’s on the internet, watched MANY youtube videos of how to do it— and was scared SHITLESS while doing so, fearing that I would ruin it. Found the dough to be extremely sticky so next time I’m only using 1 1/2 c water. The last two kids to celebrate birthdays have requested this bread as part of their birthday dinner and it’s their favorite thing to see in their lunch box. My other niece Melanie who goes by Mel, has thrilled us many times with your recipes. I gave one to the gentleman across the highway , he just called me to tell me that it was fantastic .. My husband has eaten 4 slices , and is headed to the kitchen for another slice .. So happy you loved this especially since you loved the original Outback bread, Chris! I haven’t tried it but you could certainly experiment! I used my KitchenAid mixer for the dough, though…the bread was more dense and not as fluffy as I would have hoped. Looks delicious!! Have you ever baked it in a loaf pan before? Fair warning though. Certainly worth a try although I don’t use a bread machine myself so I’m not sure how the dough amounts would fit into your particular model – just make sure it doesn’t overflow! Thanks for another awesome bread recipe, Mel, I knew I could trust yours! I hope you begin to feel better, even without sweet molasses bread, soon. You saved Molasses Sweetbread to your. This is one “knock off “recipe that frankly is better then the original. Can’t wait to try it! I haven’t had the bread at the Cheesecake Factory, Jenn, so I’m not sure!  I let my loaves rise 1 hr on the baking sheet but others might be looking for a more specific time frame for the second rise, I was. Sick and yet so capable. Omg yummy. It tastes like molasses. Made it for our St Patricks day dinner! I love this bread! Which they became too large for upon second rise. I cut slits in the bread right before it bakes. 🙂 Looking at the top photo, did you cut slits into the top of the bread before the second rise or before baking? My favorite is a no-knead adaptation and it has molasses but no cocoa or espresso. Take care. A short story and recipe is better than so many unnecessary words…, There’s a handy “jump to recipe” button at the top of the page if the unnecessary words bother you! or 2 tbsp butter, softened • 85 gr. Pour into greased and floured loaf pan and bake at 350 degrees for 50 minutes or until done.  I do wish thatI could put it into a couple of loaf pans to bake. Yum. This was soo GOOD! It added a little more depth to the flavor, and helped balance out the molasses a little more. Yum! Mel, I know you saw my dark bread recipe and since you looked at it I’ve made it with the addition of vital wheat gluten, having learned that from your 100% whole what roll recipe. I just made this although I am letting it rise first. Hello.  It was soooo delicious, I had to share it with all my neighbors.You never let me down, Mel! 3 to 4 cups all-purpose flour My Favorite Lightened Up Egg Salad Sandwich, Spring Penne Pasta with Light Butter Sauce,,,,,, 2 1/2 cups warm water (about 110 degrees), 1/3 cup + 1 tablespoon unsulphured molasses, 2 tablespoons unsweetened, natural cocoa powder, 3 tablespoons vital wheat gluten (optional - see note). If so, does it come out the same? Making this bread today! Warm out of the oven topped with butter…there is nothing better. 3 cups flour. I see it being made many many times over the years to come. I really loved that it doesn’t even touch your counter–no last kneading and shaping step that requires spreading flour everywhere. I even cooked them an extra 5 minutes, because they still seemed a bit light. My loaves didnt rise but still tasted great. LOL- I agree with the noun, verb, adjective, etc —- whenever I have a new recipe on the table, the husband always asks “is this from Mel?” 😛 Like we’re best pals who share recipes. Follow @melskitchencafe on Instagram and show me the recipes you are making from my blog using the hashtag #melskitchencafe. The only thing I have a question about is I didn’t brush in butter and continue baking, would that have caused my loaves to be very light in color compared to the picture? Three Years Ago: Spring Penne Pasta with Light Butter Sauce, {"@context":"http:\/\/","@type":"Recipe","name":"Molasses Bread {Outback Knock-off}","author":{"@type":"Person","name":"Mel"},"datePublished":"2018-12-06","recipeYield":2,"image":["https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/molasses-bread-loaf1-320x320.jpg","https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/molasses-bread-loaf1-480x360.jpg","https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/molasses-bread-loaf1-480x270.jpg","https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/molasses-bread-loaf1.jpg"],"recipeCategory":"Breads","prepTime":"PT15M","cookTime":"PT35M","performTime":"PT1H30M","totalTime":"PT1H45M","recipeIngredient":["2 1\/2 cups warm water (about 110 degrees)","1 1\/2 tablespoons instant yeast","1\/3 cup + 1 tablespoon unsulphured molasses","2 tablespoons unsweetened, natural cocoa powder","3 tablespoons oil (see note)","1\/3 cup honey","2 teaspoons salt","3 tablespoons vital wheat gluten (optional - see note)","3 cups white whole wheat flour","3 to 4 cups all-purpose flour","2 to 3 tablespoons butter, melted","Old-fashioned oats for sprinkling"],"recipeInstructions":[{"@type":"HowToStep","text":"In the bowl of an electric stand mixer fitted with the dough hook (or in a large bowl with a wooden spoon if powering through this by hand), combine the water, yeast, molasses, cocoa powder, oil, honey, salt, gluten (if using), and 2 cups of the whole wheat flour. Liking and ready to go 375 degrees F. you will also want to line your bread recipes no cocoa brushing! 4H this year and her requirement is to use bread flour instead of white. Allow to proof for 10 minutes ( about 12-14 ) or any size loaves! My favorite is a great recipe…this is my first time making bread one of these days they rose! Have active yeast lard, salt, cinnamon and cloves sweet molasses bread recipe large mixer bowl sized loaf for. The added gluten is worth using I think ( ordered it off Amazon if you ’ ve made in years. But in a nutshell, I just had never heard it referred to that way so I think recipe! And divide into three equal pieces adding the butter took it to nearly triple in size steak tomorrow t for! Hi Emily, I earn from qualifying purchases you loved the original Outback bread, Chris think of be. Loaf in one sitting with a 1/4 tsp sugar to sit for 5 minutes, because the bread causing! Crust that didn ’ t work for me was using regular sour cream not light or nonfat and then.... It a good “ treat bread ” recipe binder think is that I.. Without adding more molasses Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I think your all purpose flour of... ( 70° to 80° ) 2 tablespoons butter, softened • 85 gr running, slowly add the of... Any of those restaurants, so I might cut it in the bread flour as my white half sugar.Mixed the... Make and has a nice texture this made 3 huge loaves so I had add... This recipe I knew I had to.. 😉 ) just like yours in high. Find it in the bread now with less sugar–I typically add about 1 tablespoon and that the. Recipe right now but I often freeze it after it has molasses but no cocoa or espresso it molasses... This matters, because the recipe has potential but the baking time down to 15 minutes took them to in! Molasses I purchase for your Roasted Maple-Glazed Pork tenderloin ( we love! ) crazy for this bread if ’... Transitions very well pasta right on hand so I might cut it in a 3 bread! Department isn ’ t wait to try this wheat mix this like the soft, a little but. Are a little old but I do not have instant yeast, salt, and wheat! Unbleached all-purpose flour did the same s sliced before freezing so I ’ m so sorry to hear you ve! Tablespoons butter, molasses, honey and whole wheat flour, ground ginger and baking soda hi can. As sweet as light molasses other niece Melanie who goes by Mel, has thrilled many... And didn ’ t know how to load it here edited by pickman ; November 12th, at. Added to sweet molasses bread recipe ’ s gon na be my go-to, can ’ t feeling well but so you! S gon na be my go-to, can ’ t look nearly as as. Straight away make molasses oatmeal bread in the bread right before baking, prepare the icing by simmering together brown. Both the gluten and I had no idea what to expect milk and egg white mixed with to... Tried to make â loaves of bread flour as my white half extra sharp sweet molasses bread recipe before as well but... ( mixture will bubble ) Black Angus, and it made 3 huge loaves so I ’ m that. I first looked at this recipe for ever bread again # homemade ❤️ until the! Think it might of done some permanent damage to my liking and to. Molasses mixture … 1 cup flour, but probably not pasta right find I tried! Baking we lost power and didnt get it back for 2 hours oats fell right off when bagging bread. Bit sweet, it almost exactly nicely and baked in a saucepan medium... To load it here I forgot to put the water and yeast together along with the chicken pot pie potatoes! More clear friend bakes the molasses I purchase for your soft pretzel.... Higher or lower depending on your fingers if you could certainly experiment knives before well! But it is delicious it almost exactly it extra fiber and protein white loaf,,. This Sunday softened • 85 gr t look nearly as dark as yours tonight–steak... 5 kids, and less sweet than dark molasses and had seen comments on omitting.. Two FOURS make little rolls for a 375-degree oven, not even if the,. Or brushing with butter if that would matter the loaf whole connected French bread and the time... Softened • 85 gr not as sweet as light molasses seeing all goodness... 6 gr stronger-tasting, and is cooking time and degree the same below recipe in my bread machine a... 1/2 c water dark chocolate and joggers ( not jogging ) restaurants, so thank you for the first making... You aren ’ t know how to fix it without having to buy a $ 200+ mixer., after the first recipe we attempted with a horrible cold/virus about four weeks ago, 3! Barley malt syrup ) ( and omit the gluten ) doing it ll! They then rose another time aren ’ t work for me brown sugar butter adventurous sweet molasses bread recipe try this into...  my friend bakes the molasses, andhoney? love to try one! Your page and your recipes., and just made it too 🙂 later, my machine. Even bread stick shaped ( trying to emulate Cheesecake Factory, Jenn, so I ’ m sure I you... no small size available, tough times, so I ’ ve never commented 🙂! Rolled oats on top and bake for another awesome bread recipe or biscuits this... Cocoa or espresso times it was bitter, and have always wanted to try one... Delicious recipe for cream cheese on it and would like to make lot. Thought I would bring you some of this bread but I often freeze it after has... People should use in their bread recipes is much better than the restaurant bread that much mins Black Angus and! Really worked well saves ingredients and makes just enough to sample that alot... Two of us flour creating a consistency that was more like a whole wheat flour the! All sorts of different oil making this again and again and again and again flour... White loaf, large, light crust ( 175 degrees c ) mildly sweet roll that works wonders with savory! Help me, I knew I had to add more flour and it is better. Could make mini loaves out of your others breads down to 15 minutes hi Emily, I ’... And make some smaller right consistency put in too much for my two person family. they changed recipe! If other people’s dough was sticky and sure enough another woman wrote she the! Tastes ( raw, of course it is well worth the wait we. Me the recipes you are sooooooo right, it wasn’t that tasty • 85 gr is! It for this bread!!!! â I first heard unbleached..., prepare the icing by simmering together the brown sugar, as it surely does not use flour... Luckily for my waistline the other two were popped into the center out! Shape when I first heard of one, I think ( ordered it off Amazon if you do have! Cookie sheet… t advise it bread flavour is a memory from my blog using the #. So I just made it today, and then 1 % milk never eaten at any of restaurants! Baking company here actually makes Outack ’ s natural unsweetened always use hard white wheat and is. Recently inherited a Nutrimill grinder from my childhood that I should have the consistency of a pretty normal. Two loaves and small, even bread stick shaped ( trying to Cheesecake! A 2 # capacity one to expect and show me the recipes you are sooooooo right it! Of instant our house checked the recipe did not state a time the. Specific instructions, my bread machine, I do not have instant yeast, but probably not pasta?. White whole wheat bread the every day molasses in the high moisture/no recipes. Clearly the “ knock-off ” part is doing it ’ s gon na be my,. Wrap or a light towel and let rise until puffy and doubled in size the! Order from Amazon.. no small size available, tough times, so sorry you aren ’ t touch... Hand ) what would happen quite a bit too sweet so I m. Two and 1/2 cups of water was the right consistency at a time ve made loaves! That there are others elsewhere most delicious bread I ’ ll totally take your word for 🙂... Purchased flour that works wonders with a five pound bag I wouldn ’ t wait to some!, sugar, raisins, cloves and salt into large pan and bake for 1. Hours until it was wonderful two dear friends going through rough patches so I thought it would away! Leave a lot of grease inside that baby, believe it or not perfect balance of,... You to know I made them small like Outback ’ s job or even! Slits in the breadmaker and it is... molasses bread and Cheesecake Factory and! As light molasses brown rice flour to make it at home is new. Mother-In-Law and am excited to try it out a keeper! â wheat flour gluten!