Click Here for Info. BOTH are great for Meat and Egg Production! If you do not have contact info listed that you want listed, please e-mail Cara Smith and let me know. We are now taking pre-orders for 2021 chicks, we will start shipping in April! Quail-$4 each (minimum of 20) $4.25 for all orders under 20 Pheasant-$9.75 each in September, and $.50 per month beyond (minimum of 5) Chukar-$7 each (minimum of 10) Quail eggs-$.30 each (minimum of 1000 picked up at the farm) Shipped quail eggs $.35 plus shipping We are currently taking orders for the 2020 season for day-old pheasant chicks and partially and fully adult birds. Coturnix (also called Japanese) quail are an excellent and inexpensive way to add eggs and meat production source for your family. 11 were here. The male roosters trill, making a sound very much like a wild songbird. $25 per bird. Thank you for your interest in Elkhorn Farms and Hatchery’s chicks. Click Here for Info. The order form on this site cannot be completed online.Please print out the form and fill in and return to us, or email us for Order form 2020 and letter. Bob White Quail. Breeds:See our website for more information on our selection or Pheasant, Quail, Partridge, Francolins and Grouse. Learn More $325.00 - 500 @ $ .65 each. We Sell Chicks & Eggs. Coturnix Quail Farming. Call […] Call us now at (715) 570-1013 to order yours today! ORDER NOW. Or call us at 419.562.6131. Bruce Trevor Lupine Hills Aviary Po Box 699 Council ID 83612 Phone:2082531119,2087411921 Fax:208-253-1119 We start taking orders at the beginning of the year . We Sell Chicks & Eggs. 2/2/21 Quail For Sale Great Selection of 5 week old Jumbo Browns and 5 week old Texas A&Ms. NANCY METZGAR Bantam Chickens- Silver Spangled Hamburgs, Belgian Quail D'Anvers, Black Rosecomb & Dutch Bantams-- [email protected] title Click to add text, images, and other content We … INCUBRIGHT QUAIL EGG CANDLER $ 19.00 Add to cart; Jumbo Mix Collection $ 18.00 – $ 66.00 Select options; JUMBO White Wing Pharaoh $ 18.00 Select options; Pansy Fee Coturnix Quail Hatching Eggs $ 25.00 Select options Also a nice selection of Adult A&Ms. As adults, they may be housed in family groups in standard rabbit hutches very comfortably. By default, no contact info will be listed without permission. QC Kennels is owned by Josh Nieman and located in South Central, Nebraska. Hello! $25 per bird. $187.50 - 250 @ $ .75 each. There are approximately 16 males and 32 females. $550.00 - 1000 @ $ .55 each 4000 @ $ .50 each. Jumbo Brown Coturnix Quail for sale! I live in downtown Denver, Colorado and chose quail for their size, hardiness, quietness, temperament and laying ability. Coturnix Quail are a calm, hardy, meaty breed, of Quail. / 6 / 6. A proud member of: 5520 Lynn Hill Road Nekoosa, WI 54457 Email: Phone: (715) 570-1013. BOBWHITE QUAIL CHUKAR PARTRIDGE RINGNECK PHEASANT CONTACT US $95.00 - 100 @ $ .95 each. There are approximately 16 males and 32 females. I have been raising quail for just a couple of months now, and decided to join up so I can get advice/information and discuss all things quail! We have both eggs and quail for sale on an ongoing basis from late April through September.!!!!! Gamble Quail. Here are some members of the club and what they raise along with their contact information IF ALLOWED. They’re ideal for backyard settings in the city and in the country. NJ - California Quail and Gambel Quail, 48 adults I have California and Gambel Quail for sale, (adults, born in July 2020).

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